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Officers and Directors



President:  Liz Philosophos Cooper 
First Vice President (Regions):  Debra Roush
Second Vice President (Publications):  
Erika Kotite
Third Vice President (Conferences):  
Linda Slothouber
Julie Arnold
Laurie Morison
Assistant Treasurer:  Vicki Petersen
Membership Secretary:  
Carol Medine Moss

Directly Elected Board Members

Terms expiring in 2020:
Julienne Gehrer (Metropolitan Kansas City Region)
Kelly McDonald (Vermont Region)
Kristen Miller Zohn (Georgia Region)

Terms expiring in 2021:
Carolyn Brown (Mississippi Region)
Natasha Duquette (Toronto Region)
Lisa Tyler (Dayton Region)

Terms expiring in 2022:
Bianca Hernandez (Northern California Region)
George Justice (Greater Phoenix Region)
Mary Mintz (District of Columbia Region)

Ex Officio Board Members

Treasurer, Canada:  Renée Charron
Membership Secretary, Canada:  Phyllis Ferguson
Publications Secretary:  Haley Walters
Website Manager:  Iris Lutz
Editor, Persuasions:  Susan Allen Ford
Editor, JASNA News:  Susan Wampler


Past President:  Claire Bellanti
AGM Coordinator 2019:  Amy Stallings (Williamsburg)
AGM Coordinator 2020:  Jennifer Weinbrecht (Cleveland)
AGM Coordinator 2021:  Diane Capitani (Greater Chicago)

Honorary Life Members

Lorraine Hanaway
Freydis Welland

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JASNA Canada Officers*

President:  Elaine Bander
Vice President:  
Anne Thompson
Treasurer:  Renée Charron
Membership Secretary:  Phyllis Ferguson

*Canadian tax law requires that Canadians send their dues to JASNA Canada, which has separate officers and holds an annual business meeting at JASNA's Annual General Meetings. But for all other purposes, JASNA Canada members belong to, and participate fully in, JASNA.